About Improve Media

We love designing and building websites that look great and work well for you and your business.

All our websites are built with SEO in mind from the ground up. Meaning we are giving your website the best chance from the very start, of being found by your target audience & converting visitors into customers.

Get in touch today & lets get you online and in front of your customers.


Being based in Essex, we love to work with local companies, meeting up for a coffee to discuss your requirements.

Find out exactly the designs and website types you like. To then build something just right for your business & push your products and services to the correct people.


Everyone is online, on their phones, on Google. So instead of being in a local magazine or on a directory site, you want to ensure your business has an optimised website. When your customers are looking for a product or service & the first thing they do is Google it, your business pops up and you are ready to provide.


We care! We don't just build a site, take your money and leave you to it. We have a customer care policy to ensure all our clients receive the support they need.