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Google and other search engines score your website based on many factors. Then with this score, they determine how strongly you will be positioned in search rankings. For more information on how this works, read our previous article on Domain Authority.

When to have an SEO audit completed?

If you are in the process of having a website built, a pre-launch SEO audit can prepare the website & have it ready to start building a great presence as soon as it is released.

Or if you have an existing site that doesn’t seem to be ranking, then this is a great time to have an audit completed.

What will be included in my audit?

An in depth report will be produced with recommendations. Giving you steps that can be taken to optimise your website for search engines. This, in turn, will improve your companies marketplace visibility and ultimately work towards you gaining more custom.

Custom keyword research. This research will be conducted & delivered in order to show how your products or services are being searched for. An example of this is that in the UK people are currently searching a lot more for the term “iPhone screen repair” than they are “iPhone screen fixing”. Therefore a company using the word “fixing” throughout their content, will be advised to swap this out for the word “repair“.

Analysis of both on page content and metadata will also be completed. This then compared against the keyword research, will allow recommendations for keyword rich content optimisations.

Positioning of and amount of content will also be taken into account and advised upon.

In addition to the on site optimisations, external factors will be taken into account. These factors have a large impact on your sites search engine ranking positions. A back-link audit will determine your website’s reputation across the web, if this is not sufficient your website can remain hidden to the world, on page 20 on the Google rankings for terms you want and need to be appearing for. (Most people don’t go beyond page 3.)

Technical aspects will also be looked at. Website speed and mobile responsiveness tests will be completed. Results of which will be looked into and recommendations for improvements put forward. Along with site structure, missing pages, page redirects, internal links & much more.

Lastly, your Google my business listing will audited, along with reviews. Then optimisations recommended.

How do I get an SEO audit for my site?

Give us a call today 01621 466209 or email to discuss how we can help.